The Urban Gardener: A rose is a rose is a rose is a ro….

J wanted rose for his birthday.  So, we added a rose garden this year and started with 4 bushes.  Two are climbers and two are not.  I got a steal on trellises for the climbers at Big Lots on Memorial Day Weekend.

The climbers are a yellow rose called Sky’s the Limit.  The Peach rose is called Polka.

J added two non-climbers in between – a red and an orange.

The climbers bloomed within days of being planted, and as of June 12th the orange non-climber had one single bloom.  More pics to follow if they bloom more!

  They look great on the right side of our yard in front of the fence that is covered in honeysuckle.  As you can see in the pics, the fence is about a foot of the ground on top of a retaining wall.  So, our neighbor on the other side is higher and actually looks down on our yard.  It really gives the yard some character and we love the honeysuckle and grapevine there for privacy.  And there’s a lot of shade there during the day so it was the perfect spot for a rose garden.

We added two Sheppard’s hooks, one on each end, with one of the hanging baskets to complete the look this season.

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