Good-bye Nurse Jackie!

Well, HBO’s Nurse Jackie wrapped up its season last night.  I hate those short Spring seasons of 30 minute shows, but I’m also happy to see them go because it means True Blood and The Big C are about to start.  In fact, both start next Sunday and Monday.

It’s hard to determine where the show is going as far as Jackie is concerned.  We know her job isn’t in trouble, but her marriage is.  So!  What else is new?  As Nurse Jackie stands there quiet and conservative, contemplating what’s going on, so too is the audience left in silence and wondering what happens next.  We never see Jackie changing or wanting to change; it’s everything else around her that is in a constant whirlwind.  I think that’s what makes the show so intriguing.

And while I will continue to watch as long as the show is on, I don’t see it lasting much longer.  It’s Jackie that never changes, but isn’t the show named after her?  The writers are going to have to give us something more drastic if they want to hold our attention.

Its the comedic edge of all of Jackie’s coworkers that really give the show its breath.  The pill popping, affair having, disturbed children, ignoring each other marital problem story lines between Jackie and Kevin that’s grown almost as boring as their marriage itself.

See you next year, Jackie!  We hope!!


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