The Urban Gardener: Six Foot, Seven Foot, Eight Foot Bunch

We didn’t get the banana trees out till May this year, and we were afraid they weren’t going to make it. You might remember this post from last October where we were digging them up and bringing them inside for the season. These photos are from June 13th and as you can see all of them are finally sprouting leaves.  The smallest one to the left is actually a brand new baby one.  The one behind it is the giant 18 foot tall one that we had last year.  We had to cut the trunk down quite a bit due to rot.

This year we planted them on each side of the Pampas grass near the deck.  I’m hoping they will grow as tall as they did last year.  I think the leaves growing up and creating a curtain in front of the deck will look very nice.  I’ll probably revisit them again in a later post if they do get that big.

These trees, or the ones I dug up from last year, are now three or four years old.  My mother gave them to me in late 2008.  She has an entire bed full of about 20 trees and gives the babies away each year.  We kept them in pots in 2009, and 2010 was the first year we tried planting them in the ground.  Its fun to watch them grow but they are indeed a big pain to dig up by the time October gets here.

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