The Hardcover King

After accumulating a massive amount of points over at BookMooch over the years and only spending a point or two maybe every six months for books that pop up as available from my WishList, I recently decided to invest my points in something that was readily (pun?) available. Hardcover Stephen King Books!!  And I’ve gotten about 17 so far….all for free…well, free meaning they only cost me a BookMooch point which I earned by mailing books out to other people.  So, if you want to get technical about it, I paid for these books with time and postage over the years.  I’ve shipped a total of 145 books on BookMooch since 2007, and have mooched 114 now.

I think it was 6th or 7th grade (Amy, correct me if I’m wrong!) when a good friend in grade school got me hooked on King.  Her Mom always got her the new King book in hardcover, and so I began to ask for King books for my birthday and for Christmas.  I spent many a summer day lounging in the front yard swing with a King book in hand. Carrie, Pet Sematary, Night Shift, The Bachman Books, Four Past Midnight, The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, The Eyes of the Dragon, Cycle of the Werewolf, Cujo, Tommyknockers (didn’t finish that one), Misery…I probably read nothing but King for 3 years, trying desperately to get caught up with Amy.

Eventually, as high school rolled around, my tastes in reading changed and the King collection stopped.  I remember Pet Sematary and Misery were two of my favs. And I wish I still had my copies of them!  I have no idea where they went over the years unless I gave them away.  They disappeared years ago so I know I didn’t pass them out on Bookmooch. I’m traveling home to Tennessee this weekend so maybe I’ll check out my old bedroom (now Mom’s room) and see if I can find them, or I’ll ask Mom where they went.

But King has a new book due out in November which sounds wonderful and I actually pre-ordered it last week on Amazon.  (Amy, is your Mom going to get you this book for Christmas this year? 🙂 ) So, that got me to thinking about how I wish I’d held onto those books from my early teenhood.  And pretty soon, I was sifting through the tons of King books available on Bookmooch and the next thing you know I’d mooched over a dozen of them…all in hardcover.  I have no idea when I will read them, as the to-read pile is already pretty high, but I might get back into it some day.  And I’ll have a nice hardcover collection when I’m ready!

And here’s how obsessive I got over this project….from the internet, I printed a list of all King’s books and immediately highlighted the ones I’d read.  Then in another color highlighter, I marked the ones I’d mooched!  I’ll share more about this later as the books start arriving.

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