The Urban Gardener: Running Out Of Space

You probably think by now that I’m running out of space and can’t possibly have room to plant anything else, right?  Well, that’s almost right.

But there was one little corner between our patio and the back flower bed where we wanted to expand.  Last year we added a very small narrow bed at the front of the patio and its slowly been wrapping around the edge of the patio.  It’s only about a foot wide.  Two weekends ago, we decided to carry it on around the corner and let it connect to the back bed, completely taking in the small corner.  It only required about 12 new bricks ($1.68 at Lowes) and a few bags of mulch.

J moved some of our smaller hosta to the front and Presto!  You’d never know the difference. And as you can see from the pics, there’s a bit of room to add more!

From the tall grass on the left to where the rocks change colors on the right is the new addition.

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