The Urban Gardener: Hanging Baskets

I finally finally FINALLY broke down and bought hanging baskets on Memorial Day weekend.

I have several Shepard’s hooks which didn’t get very much use last year.  I’ve used them mostly for wind chimes and bird feeders but this year I wanted hanging baskets just to add more flowers and color to the yard.  We picked up an Asparus Fern a few weeks ago at Home Depot, but these other three came from a local Farmers Market that I like to frequent each year.  Only $10 each!  I think that’s a steal compared to the prices I’ve seen in some places.

We have one hanging with the fern near the patio, and the other two with the sun face at the top of the hook are along the edge of the yard on each side of the rose bushes.  The hooks match the rose trellises.  More about those in another post.

I’m sorry I don’t know what kinds of flowers these are.  The baskets weren’t labeled.  If you can identify them, feel free to post a comment.

I have three nice reusable metal hanging baskets in the basement but the chain on two of them is too long for my hooks, and the basket is a bit too wide.  They were a nice clearance item I found at the end of the season at Garden Ridge one year, and I’ve only used them once.  I think the other more simple one I have came from Big Lots.  Ideally, I’d love to use moss in these but that would require too much work.  The simple plastic hanging baskets were quick and easy, and I can recycle them at the end of the season!  Maybe I’ll find use for the nice metal ones next year.

And I really hope birds build nests in one of these.  That would just be awesome to see babies hatching in them!

And yes, that is honeysuckle that you see in the background.  It grows all along our back fence row and makes the yard smell amazing this time of year.  It also provides a haven and refuge for birds and bees, but we love the look and the smell of it.

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