The Urban Gardener: Annual Additions Part 3

About three years ago I bought 4 nice plastic pots for the front porch and have planted them with annuals each year.  Mostly marigolds because they last through October.

The large pots in back have a Dracaena Spike in the middle. Those are neat looking and provide good height.

Those firey yellow and orange things are Celosia.  I’ve also heard them called Cock’s Combs, like a rooster.  These are called Century Red and Century Yellow.  I bought them last year and honestly, they didn’t do too well.  The squirrels (or a rabbit maybe?) love to dig in these pots and the plants usually end up on the ground.  You can see some dirt on the porch where something has already been into one.

The viney stuff around the edges of each pot is Portulaca.  There are three colors.  It’s a type of moss and should hopefully get thick and hang over the edges of the pot.  I have an aunt in Tennessee who has this stuff planted in her yard and it comes back every year. I think its an annual up here though.  Each vine can grow about 4″ tall and 8″ wide.  It loves the sun and dry soil.

And last but not least, lots of marigolds.  As you can see, I get the smaller cheaper ones.  Lots of neighbors around us have bought the bigger ones for their porches. And a lady who works at our grocery store told me she keeps the seeds from the flowers and plants them each year.  I like a variety of color, and like I said, they bloom through October so they usually make it through Halloween and look great with pumpkins on the porch.

That’s pretty much it for the annuals right now.  I do have a few more empty pots and will probably work on those next weekend.


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