The Urban Gardener: Annual Additions Part 2

Here are two other flower pots on the patio which I filled with annuals.  This first has California Wonder Peppers in it which take about 75 days to produce anything.  It’s a 4-lobed pepper with thick, sweet, mild flesh.  I always try a vegetable each year but never have much luck.  The squirrels or birds usually beat us to the crop.  But it’s a fun and cheap way to fill a flower pot.  The purple leaves in the front are potato vine.  That’s a favorite around here for filler – purple or green – and it grows quickly.  The nurseries always run out very fast.  A few years ago I bought purple for the front porch and mixed it in with orange marigolds.  It was great color by the time Halloween got here.

The other pot is also on the patio and is a mixture of two colors of a plant called Coleus.  It has a colorful fuzzy-looking leaf.  Likes sun or shade.  Grows about 18″ tall.  And this is my first year buying it.  I thought it was a nice touch of color though, especially since we just bought a red umbrella for the patio and two new outdoor chairs which are yellow.

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