The Urban Gardener: And we were all yellow too…

May 31st - We aren't ready yet....

On the last day of May, I was outside late in the afternoon admiring all the yellow in the garden.  When I went out the next day, June 1st, it was like the plants knew the calendar had changed.  Our first Asiatic Lily had opened.  It’s a yellow one!  And more of the day lilies and tick seed had opened up too.

This specific lily is not planted in a bed.  I planted these 10 bulbs beside the house under the bathroom window.  I wanted to keep them separate because they are a special variety that is supposed to grow taller.  I’m just glad they survived the wrath of the old lawn mower man. After they have bloomed this year, I will more than likely dig them up and move them into one of the beds.

June 1st...Here we are!












And here’s a few pictures of the flower bed that is full of day lilies and tick seed in bloom right now.  Look close and you can still see one iris hanging on.

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