The Urban Gardener: Asiatic Lilies

Orange Sensation

I’ve been teasing you and talking about these lilies forever it seems.  June arrives and so have the lilies.  We have 4 of the yellow in bloom finally.  And two varieties of the orange have opened – 3 total.  One of these orange ones is called Tiny Orange Sensation. It came from a clearance rack at Home Depot last year.

The yellow one is called Big Yellow.  The solid Orange one was also mail order and it is called Orange Dublin. This one is planted in the whiskey keg along with two other varieties. I blogged about these last last September in a Spring Planing 2011 postwhen I bought them from an online vendor.  It is supposed to grow 4 to 5 feet tall.  I’d say some of the 10 stalks are about 3 feet tall now.

I know I said this before but the Big Yellow is not in a flower bed.  It will probably get moved into one once it blooms though.  And the ones in the whiskey keg will need to be thinned after they bloom.  I plan to move some of them into the front flower beds.  We currently only have 1 lily in the front and it will probably be the last flower to bloom there.

Big Yellow

Orange Dublin


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