The Urban Gardener: And we were all yellow…


Last weekend as more of the irises faded away, two other flowers began to step in and take over.  We saw our first day lily blooms.  Besides my taller tiger lillies, I have a few bunches of yellow day lillies throughout the back yard. Each bunch has several blooms on them now ready to open.

The Double Sunburst Coreopsis, another favorite perennial, has started to open.  This one is also known as Tick Seed and I know why.  It spreads like crazy.  It literally took over the whole bed, even though the main plants were only planted in about three or four places.  We groomed a lot of it back though and the main plants have lots of buds ready to open.  Its a nice wild flower that is native to this area and it blooms all summer.

Day Lily

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