Stop The Press…I don’t know you but I need to know the sex of your baby!

By now, you’ve probably heard the story of this Canadian couple who isn’t revealing the sex of their 4 month old baby because they want the baby to discover his/her gender on their own….

Why do we care?  If it was Brad and Angelina, okay, maybe I’d pay attention.  But I don’t even know these people, and neither do you America.

There are people in this country who beat their children.  Care about them!

There are children in this country who are homeless and hungry.  Care about them!

Even if I did know the gender of this Canada baby, I’m not sending a gift.  Tonka trucks?  Barbie dolls?  Why do we care?

By the way, it’s a boy.  Now, back to caring about something more important…

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