The Urban Gardener: Annual Additions

This week I’ll be discussing the annuals we planted.  I don’t usually like annuals since they don’t come back every year.  But I usually do buy them for the flower pots on my porch and deck because I don’t want to have to bring these flowers inside every year.  I like to be able to empty the pots and be done with them in late October, early November.  So, like everyone else, I invest some money in them to fill the pots.

These pictured are Verbena in the front already in bloom and Dahlias in the back.  Both like the sun and grow 8″ to 24″ tall. They bloom all season long and do well in the heat.  And they are cheap!  Great for small pots or borders.  This small pot is on a table between two chairs on our deck.

I bought two 4 packs of the Verbena and put the other pack in another small lime green pot for the patio. More pics of the other annuals to come!  And I’ll probably revisit them in another post later in the season to show you how much they’ve grown and how well they did (if I’m able to keep them alive this year)!

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