The Lawnmower Man

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about it before, but we’ve hired and fired about six or seven different lawn mowers over the past four years ever since we’ve lived here.  They mowed down flowers.  They cut ruts in the yard.  Various reasons. The latest one, and only one we’ve had this year, cut down flowers and didn’t do a good job at weedeating the way we wanted him to.

So, yesterday, J decides he wants to buy a mower and weed eater.  Home Depot was having a sale.

So, he mowed and weed eated yesterday and the yard has never looked better.

At $200 for both, they will be paid for in 8 mowings.  (We typically paid $25 a pop for a mowing!)  At the rate our yard grows, that will be in less than two months.

We also finished up a lot of other landscaping projects this weekend…hanging baskets, more annuals for the empty flower pots, rose bushes and trellises.  You know there will be pics to follow.  For now, here’s a pic of J hard at work with his new mower and a nice wide shot of the backyard.


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