The Urban Gardener: Backtracking

I couldn’t resist just one more post about the allium bulbs.  My purple starburst alliums were in full bloom last week.  They are a nice pop of color amongst the hosta.  The traditional alliums which I had posted about earlier came and went very quickly, but their long faded stalks are still in the garden and at least provide some depth and something interesting to look at amongst all the green.

Purple Balls Amongst the Green

There is a yellow sunny twinkle variety which has yet to bloom complete.  I see plants coming up out there which I think may be this allium, but there is only a hint of a bloom on a few stalks but they really haven’t reached their full potential.  They are a small dainty flower and should have probably been planted in a bunch closer together.

The starbursts are in the front and back beds.  The ones in the front are a bit lost amongst the tall foliage of the tiger lilies which have come up like gangbusters this year.

Like I said before, the allium stalks are very fragile and we have lost many to the dogs trampling them this year.  I’ve moved several out of the high traffic areas and plan to move more later this year when the blooms are gone.

This is about our third year enjoying the alliums, and they are still one of my favorites.  I’ve already preordered a new one to be planted this fall which is a white allium ball with hints of purple in it.  It’s called Graceful. Let me know what you think.

Allium Graceful

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