The Urban Gardener: Tango Ladylike and Orange Sensation

There are 3 or 4 established lilies in this whiskey keg planter.

With strange names like that, you know I have to be talking about lilies.  Asiatic lilies!

Lilies love the sun and moist soil. They bloom in the spring, if you have a warm spring.  Here in Missouri it looks like the lilies are holding out for June instead.  That’s fine with me because all through the month of May you know we were enjoying the irises.

Lilies can grow 12 to 14 inches tall and their tropical flowers at the top of each stalk can be quite stunning.  You see these at Lowe’s or Home Depot right around Easter and Mother’s Day.  Last year, I took advantage of a sale after the lilies had bloomed.  They were marked down and I bought a dozen of them.  I even bought more when I went home to Tennessee and gave them to my mother.

Look close at the tiny buds on top.

Mine are nice and green right now and its been nice anticipating where they are and waiting for them to bloom. I knew they were going to take longer and we’d at least have some color in the garden after the irises were gone.  We also have family visiting in two weeks so I hope the lilies are in bloom then for everyone to see and enjoy. We will have mostly yellow, orange and red varieties – including a taller yellow variety that I bought from an online vendor.

More pics of the blooms to follow.  Since I don’t know all their names, don’t expect much from me in the identification department.  I only kept a few of their cards last year for the ones I bought on clearance.  We do have these in all of the beds though and a bunch of them in a whiskey keg planter which I have pictured.


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