The Trampling Shall Cease!

Remember me talking about how the dogs always charge the fence because of the rabbits on the other side?  And they end up trampling our flowers?  Well, the trampling shall finally cease.

We have a concrete patio in the back left corner of our yard with the flower bed running along the back of the yard behind it.  The concrete used to be the foundation of an open garage long before we moved in.  It was a basketball court when we bought the house. We’ve turned it into a patio and sitting place with the long flowerbed running behind it. Maybe one day it will house a hot tub.

But, we’ve thought of some kind of open fencing or guard along the edge of it between the concrete and the flower bed in order to slow the dogs down.  I wanted something iron and antique looking – think old fence around a cemetery.  But we never could find anything in good shape and at a good price.

We finally found something last Saturday at an old antique shop on Cherokee Street.  While the owner of it was an ass and it was a huge pain getting the fence home, it looks perfect and is exactly what we wanted. Let me know what you think.


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