The Urban Gardener: When Things Don’t Come Out Right

Gotta Be Me!

A second Champagne Waltz iris bloomed over the weekend in the front yard, and another on the same stalk as the first one in the back. Other than lots more of the Japanese iris opening, there is not too much more to report from over the weekend.

However, my Megabucks Iris (yes, that’s its name) attempted to open in the front and as you can see from the picture it’s have a few problems with its first bloom. Eh, it happens.  We can’t all be perfect, right?

A Closer Look

Megabucks is another of the bearded variety which grows about 24″ tall and likes full sun.  It is supposed to have a deep yellow crown.  It’s bearded petals would appear to be a bit darker with a slight hint of a deep pink in the middle.  As you can see in the photo, it’s neighbors with a hosta and almost looks tropical next to it.  I snapped this photo early in the morn.  There are no trees in our front yard so as the sun comes up it shines directly across our yard and front beds.

I’m hoping at least one of the other blooms will turn out “right” so that I can record a decent photo of it. I bet the top bloom in the photo opens by the end of the week.  Check back soon to find out.

What It Is Supposed To Look Like

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