The Urban Gardener: I’m Speaking Japanese

I told you yesterday that each and every day during this time of the season is a new and exciting day in the garden.  I woke up this morning to two new Baltic Star Blooms and one more Rip City bloom.  These are the two irises I posted about yesterday.

But what I want to show you today are two new flowers – one is an iris and one is an allium – that I haven’t blogged about yet.  The alliums are a lavender colored variety that open larger and more freely than the purple pom pom like ball I showed you earlier. Each little piece looks like a star, so they actually look like a giant starburst when they are completely open.

I have a dozen or so of these planted throughout the front and back beds.  None of them are fully open, but a few are open enough for you to really be able to see how striking they can be.  They are a larger, heavier looking flower and they do not grow as tall as the traditional purple ones.  Here’s a good photo showing the contrast and differences between the two.

Pic of All 3 Varieties Currently in the Front Yard

The new iris that is just starting to open is the Japanese Iris.  I mentioned it earlier this week and showed a picture of its buds.  A retired coworker gave us quite a bit of these flowers a few years ago and we’ve really enjoyed them.  We also split them for the first time last year so they are now planted in all of the beds.  We’ve also started a border of them along the back but this border is not completely mature.  It will look better next year for sure.

The Japanese Iris is a very dainty variety and it reminds me of a large dark violet.  The leaves are thin and thick and look like a wild grass variety.  The buds are deep purple and almost look like veins climbing up the leaves to get to the top.  A whole mess of the buds finally make it to the top and open all at once, creating about a two foot tall bunch of flowers with a heavy head of purple atop the green.  It is very beautiful.  The first blooms started opening yesterday so these pics are still in their early stages.  I have one single bloom in the front in the more seasoned older bunches, and there are just a few blooms almost open in one of the bunches in the back.

These pictures are of the ones blooming in the front.  As you can single from the single bloom photo it indeed as the typical features of a regular sized iris.

From the other photos you can see they grow at different heights but all near the top of the grassy bunch of leaves. Sadly, like all of the other irises, they don’t last long.  You can go away for a late spring break or early summer vacation and completely miss them!  I’m so glad I didn’t.  More pics will follow as all of the blooms open.


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