Remember this day…

We all remember where we were on 9/11/2001, don’t we?  We all have a story to tell about that day.

You should remember today with as much heart and soul as you do that day from 2001.

At 9:35pm last night, I shut my book and turned over to turn off the lamp.  I checked the clock to make sure the alarm was set, and then I settled into my pillow to drift into sleep.  It was the end of a nice weekend, and the start of another work week at the beginning of another month.  It rained yesterday, but the weekend was still nice.  My book was good.  I was tired.  I was satisfied.

The television was on as I prepared for sleep, but we were watching some wedding cake baker show on some cable channel.  I was nonchalantly watching, and was more engaged in my book.  And since it was cable, President Obama did not break in to tell us the news.  J turned the TV off around 10 and settled into bed as well.

At 6am this morning, the alarm went off and J turned on the TV like he always does in the morning.  I’d been awake since about 10 minutes till thanks to a hungry cat meowing and the smell of fresh coffee brewing. And there it was on Today in St. Louis – news that Osama Bin Laden was dead.

My story is not as exiting as those who rushed the White House or the WTC site in New York to celebrate.  Videos of local college campuses played on the news showing crowds of students chanting and waving flags.  My story from 2001 isn’t that exiting either.  But I remember it.  It’s my story.  It’s a part of me as much as this history being made, being played out on the TV before me.

So, I’ll remember it.  Will you?

You should.  Take a moment today to stop and close your eyes and recall the events of your day and put them to memory, to safe keeping somewhere inside your head.  Or blog about them.  Write them down and put them in a safe place.  They may be small or brief or trite, but you will still want to remember them some day.

Remember this day.

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