The Urban Gardener: Hostas

Just a few more pics to close out this week.  While I was out yesterday snapping photos of the allium and the iris, I also took a few of my hosta.  Most of the older ones are a pretty good size now and stood the weather well despite just a bit of hail damage to some of the leaves. Hosta cover most of the back bed, and believe it or not, I’d like to have a few more just to cut down on the open space that constantly needs weeding.  Maybe I’ll add a few new varieties this year.  We currently have 26 hosta in the backyard, and about 5 different types.

I believe this first one is called an elephant hosta.  One of our originals that has been here since we first moved in.  We split him twice last year so there are two more now.

Here are two of our Royal Standard hostas.  We have several of these now thanks to splitting them last year.  You’ll noticed a smaller newer Elephant hosta behind them, and a smaller one in front that is of the Green Gold variety.  I think it was called Fire and Ice or something like that when I bought it.  The Royal Standards have also been split and planted in the front yard.  There are two or three there that provide good space filler and greenery all summer.

Not sure how these two ended up together.  I don’t even remember which one was actually planted here, but somehow the two paired off.  As they get bigger, we’ll probably end up moving one.

Hoping to see more new blooms next week!  I’m out of town Wednesday through Friday next week so it’ll be nice to see what’s grown or bloomed by the time I get back.

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