The Urban Gardener – Spring 2011 – Week 2 – Post 2

One single red tulip bloomed on Sunday, April 10th, among the grape hyacinth.  Again, these were a few spare bulbs from a variety pack that I split with a coworker last October.  I don’t care for tulips.  I received some by accident in 2009 and planted them along the fence row in the back.  They bloomed last year, but I have not seen any this year.  They are pretty, but seem so delicate and fickle.  I gave most of these new 2010 bulbs to my mother because I knew she’d enjoy them, but I did keep a few for myself and put them in the beds this year.  This one single tulip looks great in the bed, but again, I’d probably need more for impact.   There are a few others sprouting in the bed that have not bloomed yet, but I’m sure they will.  And I know there aren’t going to be many.  Perhaps I’ll consider adding more for next year as another early splash of color.

And speaking of those grape hyacinths.  They started blooming last week and I thought I would have lost them by now, but they are getting larger.  Also got them from the variety pack and my coworker didn’t want any so I took them all.  Gave a few to Mom but kept the rest and put them in the front and back beds.  I love purple!  But I may consider planting a few other hyacinth colors for next year.  Either way, this grape variety is different and a nice small pop of color.

They remind me of the wild violets that grow all over everyone’s yard around here this year.  Our back yard is a sea of purple.  It’s pretty.  We didn’t plant it.  I’m not really sure if anyone planted it, or if it just grows wild around here.  It only lasts a week or two and comes in heavy before the grass really starts turning green, so it’s a nice sign that spring is here each year.

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