The Quest for Narnia continues…

Last night after dinner I decided to go to Target in search of the new Narnia DVD that was released yesterday.  And despite my Target being half empty and completely arranged differently from when I was in there last because they are adding groceries, I was able to find the new movie for $15.99!

I also found the first two movies in the series for just $10 each so I snatched them up.

And on a $5 rack I found a Collectors Edition of Coppola’s Dracula!  Bought it as well.

All in all, I spent $43 for 4 new DVDs and saved $14!  Take that WalMart!

I probably haven’t bought an actual DVD since UnderWorld thanks to Netflix, but there are some movies that I just want to own because I don’t mind popping them in and just letting them play in the background.  If they are on the TV, I can sit and watch them at any part.  A few such movies are the Jurassic Park movies, the UnderWorld series, and Harry Potter.  Narnia will be the same way, although I’ve only seen the second one once and I don’t really remember that much about it.

Gary Oldman as Dracula was just brilliant, and that’s another film that always sticks out in the back of my mind as one I’d like to see again, and now I can.

J and I watched the new Narnia last night and I was well pleased. While there aren’t as many talking animals in this one, there’s still enough magic and whimsy and action to keep you entertained. Having never read the books, I couldn’t remember why the two older children weren’t in this one, but the introduction of a snooty cousin provided a great deal of humor and a surprise in the end.

So, what movies do you own that you enjoy watching again and again?



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