Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk – Product Review

A friend of mine loves almond milk and always clips coupons for it. This persuaded me to give the stuff a try because I crave milk sometimes but it’s very high in calories. One 8 oz. of my favorite Prairie Farms Chocoloate Milk is 400 calories!!

I started with the original flavor which actually does taste a bit like almonds by itself. Once I had a cup of it with my Cinnamon Cheerios, I couldn’t tell a difference. It has the consistency of 2% Milk and the cinnamon of the cereal masked the almond flavor.

This week I tried the vanilla almond milk and was blown away by the flavor! It’s so good it’s like a tastey kiddie treat I should be having with cookies! I haven’t tried it in cereal yet, but I’m sure it will taste great.

By the way, the original flavor is only 60 calories per cup and the vanilla is only 90. For someone like me who is counting calories, that makes a big difference in comparison to that 8 oz. 400 calories chocolate milk I’d been treating myself to.

Would I buy this again? Absolutely! With or without a coupon, it’s a new favorite of mine!



  1. Oooo, I found coupons for So Delicious Coconut Milk recently and it is absolutely wonderful – I like it even better than the Almond Breeze… it is really good in my flavored coffee too. It isn’t overpowering with the coconut flavor, like the Almond Breeze doesn’t have an overpowering almond flavor.

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