My Personal Meal Plans ~ With Snacks

For the past 5 days, I’ve discussed several different snack options for dieters that I myself enjoy each day.  My current daily meal plan consists of attempting to eat something almost every hour Monday through Friday, especially on days that I go to the gym.  I try to eat healthy snacks, like the ones I’ve discussed.  And I count calories.  Some out there may argue that I’m eating too much but this plan currently works for me.  Would I be willing to try something else?  Absolutely!  But this is the plan that helped me lose 7 pounds the first month.

So, now I’d like to share with you a few days from my Calorie Journal that give good examples of how I added these snacks into my daily meal plan.  Yes, I keep a calorie journal.  I write down everything I eat every single day!  Haven’t missed one day since I started.  I also write down the calories of every food, and then I record how many calories I burned at the gym each time.  It’s really helped me to stick to my plan and to watch how much food I’m consuming.

Here are two days worth of snacks and calorie counts as examples:
2 Cups of Coffee with Splenda 10 calories
and Nondairy Creamer 20 calories
1 Yogurt 110 calories
1 Oatmeal 140 calories
1 Banana 110 calories
390 calories

Snack 1.5 hours later
1 Cheese Stick 80 calories
1 Beef Bites Snack 100 calories

Snack 1 hour later
1 Servings of Raw Carrots 12 calories
192 calories

Healthy Choice Meal 230 calories
with no calorie Snapple to drink
1 Apple 50 calories
280 calories

Snack 2 hours later
Welch’s Fruit Snack 80 calories

Gym -500 calories

Dinner 400 calories
Orange Juice 100 calories
500 calories

Daily Total 942 calories

…and here’s another day…

2 Cups of Coffee 20 calories
with Creamer 30 calories
Yogurt 90 calories
Breakfast bar 120 calories
Apple 50 calories
310 calories

Snack 1 hour later
Grapes 50 calories
1 Omega Nutrition Mix 280

Snack 1 hour later
Almonds 100 calories
430 calories

Salad w/ dressing 400 calories
Clementine 40 calories
440 calories

Gym -700 calories

6″ Subway Chicken 360 calories
Baked Lays 140 calories
500 calories

Daily Total 980 calories

Notice both of these days were below 1,000 calories. I chose them specifically for that reason. On average, I do consume 1 to 2K in calories per day but I wanted to show you mainly how I work the snacks in to keep from getting hungry and it helps keep the metabolism up too. Notice I still ate a healthy lunch and dinner too and tried too.

And with all of the different snacks I’ve discussed the past few days, I have quite a variety to choose from each day to keep things from getting boring. In the past, dieting always meant starving myself or drinking weight loss drinks for meals. I’m much happier with this plan and so far I’m happy with the results.

So, tell me what you think?  What snacks do you enjoy each day and are they helping you meet your goals?


  1. Hi, Shannon! I just happened to find your website! I didn’t know that you are a writer. Even published! How nice! I just wanted to stop by and say Hello. Maybe you can stop by my little site sometimes. I write about food and family…when I can find the time! lol

    Nice to find you.

    Jillian (Jonathan’s sister)

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