Snack Foods for Dieters Part 1

So, I’m half way through week 5 of my big fat weight loss plan and I thought I’d share some of the foods that I’ve been snacking on to get me through the work week.  An average day for me now consists of consuming no more than 1500 calories.  On gym days, I allow myself to go more toward 2000 calories consumed knowing that I am going to burn off a minimum of 500 at the gym.  This week, I have yet to go over 1400 per day even after going to the gym.   The importance here is balanced nutrition and yes, making sure you are hitting all of those food groups you learned about back in 4-H or in health class in grade school.  And believe me, its not easy.

For me, while at work 8 to 5, I eat something almost every hour.  Not an easy feat for most of us, right?  But the key here is portion control.  I’m snacking every hour for two reasons:  it keeps my metabolism up allowing me to burn more calories throughout the day and it also tricks my body into thinking its always full.  This means that by the time I go to lunch, I’m not starving for food and I’ve eliminated the chances of me overeating.  Right now, if you aren’t dieting, you probably think you can’t do that.  You are always starving for lunch!  That’s probably because you don’t eat a decent breakfast because you are always in a hurry.  If you took the time to eat a big (healthy) breakfast and just one snack before lunch, you’d definitely feel the difference.

Notice this is Part 1.  I’m only going to talk about two of my hourly snacks today, but there will be more to come.  I go to work at 8:30am and start with my breakfast and don’t go to lunch till 12:30pm.  So, there’s generally 2 to 3 snacks in between, and two to three more snacks between lunch and dinner.  And you might be surprised by some of the things I eat.

The first was a need for something high in protein but low in calories.  I chose the Johnsonville Turkey Deli Bites to help with this.  I know what you are thinking.  High fat, right?  You might be surprised.  It’s not as high as you think if you remember to control your portion.  8 bites equals only 100 calories.  You can burn 100 calories in just 10 minutes or less of brisk walking on a treadmill. For those watching their sodium, be careful.  Most preserved meats like this are loaded with sodium but again, portion control is key!

I invested in those small Ziploc snack bags to also trick my mind into thinking the portion wasn’t as small as it would look in a normal Ziploc bag.  These are also easier to prep at the beginning of the week and then grab and go.  I use these bags for carrots, grapes, nuts, and more. One whole crisper in my fridge is filled with a week’s worth of snacks so I can pick and choose. I also write down the calorie count of each and put it on the fridge so I know exactly how much I’m eating in hourly snacks.

One snack bag of these bites consists of about 8 pieces.  Good protein.  Decent calorie count.  And perfect for an hourly snack before lunch.  Remember to eat slow to allow both your brain and stomach time to process.  And enjoy!

The next snack may surprise you.  I love Gummi.  Anything Gummi.  Love it!!  So, I chose Welch’s Fruit Snacks as a snack after lunch.  It’s only 80 calories per small bag.  Each bag has about 12 pieces in it.  They are also Fat Free.  Yes, I know what you are thinking.  Sugar is an issue here.  But again, it’s not as bad as you think. Only 11g of sugar.  It’s also Gluten Free and has No Preservaties.  And 100% Vitamin C and 25% of Vitamins A & E.   No Saturated Fats and no Trans Fats either.

I can’t stress enough –  portion control!  You can only eat 1 bag per day!  And the key here is being consistent.  You definitely have to change your way of life.  I see people at work claiming they are starving by the time lunch arrives, and then they go out to eat and gorge themselves on a huge fast food meal, after they’ve only had a doughnut and coffee for breakfast.  And then not two hours later, they are starving for dinner.  You’ll never lose weight this way.

I never thought I’d be saying this, even after hearing it time and time again on TV and reading it on blogs and in health magazines, but you really do have to feed your body throughout the day.  It works!

These are just two of my snacks to choose from.  I do not eat these two particular snacks every day.  Variety is important too. Look for more posts to come about other snacks I select from!

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