Please forgive me…

Sometimes life is busy.  I’m in the grocery store.  I’m in a waiting room.  I’m in traffic. I’m anywhere other than where I’d probably want to be, and given the choice, I don’t know where I’d rather be either. But it’s not wherever I am at that moment.  And there’s music playing.

There’s no live band in the corner – someone on drums and a guitar player – strumming out beats while I’ll shop for fruit, but sometimes I wish there was.  We need more live music in our lives, don’t you agree?

Instead, it’s prerecorded stuff meant to appease us and kill the silence, but it never seems to drown out a screaming kid on the next aisle whose pissed because he wants Froot Loops instead of Sugar Smacks and his mom isn’t listening because she’s too busy talking to her girlfriend on her cell phone.

But then this David Gray song comes on and I stop a minute.  And I listen.  And it sends shivers up my spine when he starts singing…Please forgive me…and then there’s that quick beat and the piano.  And suddenly I know it’s gonna be alright.  I’ll get there.  I’ll get where I wanna go.  It’ll all be alright.

Everytime…it’s like that everytime I hear this song.  It’s like someone is looking out for me, some Mu-sac God out there playing DJ who knows I need to hear this song right now.

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