It’s a bird, it’s a plane….

Nope!  It’s definitely a bird, and a big one at that.  We’ve seen this guy in the neighborhood before.  I swear I snapped a photo of him a few years ago when he got a bit too close in the backyard.  And apparently he’s back.  We’ve spotted him in our neighbors’ tree for 3 days straight.

Not good!  We have small dogs, and so does our neighbor.  So now we have to take even more precaution when letting the dogs out.  Also, our backyard and the neighboring yards have been a haven for small brown rabbits, song birds, and squirrels.  With this big guy hanging around, all the little guys are gonna be hiding and moving out.

So, besides the obvious choice of a pellet gun, how do we get this big guy to go away?


  1. It’s a Hawk and chances are they are protected as they are in much of the USA, so there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it other than enjoy them. These birds will not eat your dogs. A Red-Tail might take a squirrel, but most often it isn’t worth it for them to deal with things that bite and have claws, so no worries. You only need to worry if you have chickens or other slow small ground birds like doves. We have all kinds of Hawks and our bird population has not suffered at all. They adapt to the preditor, so no worries. Mice, voles, small snakes, and things like that have more to worry about with this guy.

    • Hey Cheryl-

      Thanks for the feedback! It’s so unusual to see such a big hawk in the burbs so he was scaring us a bit. I haven’t seen him catch anything, but the squirrels seem to be on alert.

  2. You’re welcome. DDT had a huge affect on the hawk population, but once it was banned, they started coming back slowly but surely. We just had a local woman get arrested for shooting at them. They are protected and actually they are very good at getting rodents and reptiles and small sick birds. Plus they are just damn beautiful. In the 15 years we have been in our house, we have seen a red-tail get a squirrel once. Just once. Picked him off a roof but they shouldn’t be chewing on people’s rooves anyway, I say. People think they are going to be swooping down killing everything in sight, and in reality, getting food is pretty damn hard on the wing.

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