Three Pounds Down!

Despite my worry yesterday I still pulled off a 3 pound loss this morning at my weigh in!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am so excited about that!

J and I went to Applebees yesterday and I had the Chipotle Lime Chicken which is served with rice and a tangy slaw.  It was advertised as one of their suggested Weight Watchers choices at only 19 points, so I knew the calorie count had to be low.  The dish was yummy and when I got home and looked it up it clocked only 490 calories.

I ended yesterday at only 1125 calories, and unfortunately I didn’t make it to the gym because it was such a busy day.

But I ended week three at only 10894 calories consumed after burning 1730 in three trips to the gym and a mile walk on Friday during lunch.

So, I’m down 6 pounds in 3 weeks.  Not bad!



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