As Week 3 draws to a close, I’ve been reviewing my calorie journal and decided to go back and add up my totals from Week 1 and Week 2 just to get an idea of how much I’m consuming versus how much I’m burning at the gym. What prompted me to do this, you ask? I took a walk Friday for half of my lunch hour. I walked about a mile then came back and wanted to figure up about how many calories I had burned. My web search led me to some interesting information over at About.com where I learned that 3500 calories equals about 1 pound of fat. I also bookmarked this site because it has all kinds of other useful information about walking.

Now for my recap:

As you know, at the end of Week One I lost 2 pounds. Any loss is to be expected in the beginning since you are picking up the amount of activity you are doing each day. When I went back and added up my calories, they totaled 11,154 for the week, of which I burned 2445 at the gym.

For Week 2, I consumed 11,756 calories but only burned 1760 at the gym that week. And the result was only losing 1 pound.

So far this week, I’ve consumed 11,499 Calories and burned 1,130 including my walk on Friday. I’m going to shoot for no less than 600 calories tonight doing cardio to at least bring my total burned up to 1730. But based on only 245 calories less so far this week from last week (AND I’m not even counting tomorrow in this), I can pretty much expect to have lost no more than 1 pound when I jump on that scale on Sunday.

Plus, I may try to hit the gym tomorrow as well or at least work in a walk to burn off something. Not to mention I really really REALLY need to watch what I eat tomorrow because my calorie count stands to be the highest week so far if I’m not careful and so far is my least amount for calories burned.

So, what’s happening here? Pretty much a lack of discipline. I’m probably still consuming too many calories per day versus what I’m burning in the gym trips. So, what am I going to do differently next week? I’d like to get my calorie consumption below 10,000 for the week, and increase my calories burned to at least 3500. Wish me luck!

And check back Sunday to see how the weigh in goes.

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