Reaper by Rachel Vincent

Found this one from the Kindle forums and decided to download it and give it a try since it was free. I wasn’t disappointed. It reminded me a lot of the short-lived TV series, Dead Like Me, which followed a group of reapers caught up between the living and the dead while having to reap souls until their time was up.

Tod is a teen whose left in charge of his brother Nash who is grounded. Nash’s girlfriend is in a teen home for underaged drinking. Despite Mom’s orders, Nash sneaks out and gets drunk while Tod is spending time with his girlfriend. Nash calls Tod and makes him come pick him up with the intention of going to break his girlfriend out of the home. But life has different plans when a drunk driver hits them, ultimately killing Nash. But Tod and his family are “bean sadhes” and have special powers. Tod calls upon the reaper to let his brother live and take him instead.

And the reaper has a proposition to make for Tod. He can become a reaper too.

We don’t get to see much of the bean sadhe power or learn much about it. In fact, much of the novella covers Tod’s conflict with having to leave his family and with becoming a reaper. There’s a nice set of characters here which I can see going in all different and interesting directions, filled with possibility. I read it in two days and would definitely read more.

Nice cliff hanger at the end that really pulls you in wanting more! Worth a look, even if you aren’t a teen.

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