Weight Loss Week 1 Down

Well, my first week of weight loss/back to the gym  is in the books.  I wasn’t expecting my weight to go down much, but I’ll find out tomorrow morning when I start my Week 2 by weighing in.

I kept a log book everyday of the things I ate, their calorie count, and how many calories I burned at the gym.  I know that you have to burn more calories than you consume in order to drop pounds so this is probably not a good approach right now because I’m only averaging about 500 calories per each trip to the gym.  But for the first week, I’ve been taking it slow, trying to get into the routine and see what my body can handle right now.  I was pretty impressed with myself and proud that I stuck to my plan.

If I discovered anything, it’s that I’m probably not consuming enough calories each day.  Just to maintain my current weight, I need to consume 2,000 calories a day.  Each day this week I barely averaged 1,000 even before I hit the gym, but by controlling what I was actually eating I’m well on my way to getting enough of the proper food groups to have a healthy balanced diet.

Last Sunday I burned 695 calories (my first trip back to the gym) and ended the day at 865 calories consumed.  My food consumption was a bit poor though that day.  I need to revisit that foot pyramid they always taught us about back in school to see where I could probably improve. I also discovered that while I’m not a big meat eater, there are lots of other good healthy foods out there packed with protein, like milk.

On Monday, I only burned 400 at the gym.  I couldn’t believe the gym was actually that crowded on Valentine’s Day, but it was.  So my equipment selection was limited.  I ended the day at only 780 calories consumed, but my food selection was much better and included a range of healthy items up and down the food pyramid – fruits and veggies, dairy, and meat.

Wednesday was my best day at the gym.  And Friday wasn’t too bad either since I was able to get there earlier due to a change in my schedule at work.  If this Monday turns out to be packed again, I may alternate what days I go because I bet everyone else out there takes it easy on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then hits the gym hard on Monday.

So what’s the plan for next week?  Pretty much the same path I was on for Week 1 except I’m going to try to increase my calories burned at the gym just a bit more.  I’m still burning through water weight at this time.  It’s nice to see results on the scale, but I’m eventually going to level off and have to push myself even more to see results.  So, I want to have my body and metabolism ready for when I’ve got to push even more.  Check the blog tomorrow morning to see if I lost any weight in Week 1.

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