Back to the Gym

From the book HARD by William Giancursio - click on the photo to buy a copy.

I’m starting back to the gym today.  I renewed my Club Fitness membership after closing it 4 years ago.  I went for a whole year just before we moved into the house and lost 17 lbs.  I went anywhere from 3 to 4 times a week, often right after work because the gym was on the way home.  Now, I have to drive in the opposite direction to get there, but this particular location is well worth it.  It’s the largest in St. Louis, very clean, nice locker rooms, sauna, steam room, a cardio theater; I felt very comfortable working out there before.

I had full intentions to join last year.  Bought an Ipod.  Looked at other gyms.  Put “losing weight” on my New Year Resolution list, but it just didn’t happen.  But it’s going to happen this year!

I’m starting late mainly because of the cold weather and waiting for all the other New Year Resolution Biggest Loser fans to get out of the way.  The lady at the gym who signed me up even confirmed it’s already starting to slow down.

So, today is day 1 for me!  I’m going to begin with a regimen mostly to lose weight.  I’m already very broad shouldered with muscular arms and legs, so building muscle mass will either come naturally or I’ll concentrate more on that later.  It’s the gut I’ve got to get rid of right now.  I’m shooting for 40 pounds for the year.  My plan is to go Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then either Saturday or Sunday.  Three days through the week after work will help with the food plan because often J and I eat fast food through the week to avoid cooking.  So, in turn, I’m also helping him to eat better because he’ll fix a lighter meal to have on his own on those nights.

Along the way, I’ll record my progress here for anyone who is interested.  Wish me luck!  It all starts today!

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