January Couponing

I wrapped up my January Couponing on Sunday with a final trip to Walgreens, Target and Shop n Save.

This brought my January coupon total to $132.35, so I’m off to a great start for the year!  This year I’m keeping track by month and by business.  I spent and saved the most at Walgreens and Shop n Save in January, saving $56.43 at Walgreens.  This included a free laundry detergent ($6.99) and a free shaving cream ($4.29) that I earned from various special offers.

My Shop n Save total was $66.90.  This included a free box of Splenda ($3.08), Free Granola Bars ($3.17) and one Thursday trip for $10.00 off $50.  On Sunday, I also used $6 in coupons earned from various SnS Deals, and also earned another $5 off $50 or more for February.

Other January highlights include $3 off my haircut for going on Tuesday.  I also discovered that if I buy a carwash at the Circle K by my house, I get so much off of gas.  Took advantage of that twice this month due to the snow and saved a total of .62 cents. One quick trip to Schnucks saved .55 cents for Williams Chili Seasoning which SnS doesn’t carry.  And I saved $4.75 at Target on Sunday.  This includes $3 off in coupons, but another $1.75 which I’m counting from other deals I found. Target had my Friskies canned cat food for .42 cents a can, as opposed to the .47 cents a can I pay at SnS.  That’s an additional .75 cents off which I can appreciate.  The same goes for my IAMS dogfood which was $1 cheaper than SnS, $18.00 for the large bag as opposed to $19.  With $1 coupons off both of these items, it was definitely worth it and I will consider a special trip to Target again just to save here.

I also took a quick browse at the travel size items at Target and searched my coupons for deals that I might could squeeze out here.  Unfortunately, most coupons for things like toothpaste, deo, or mouthwash exclude travel size.  A recent question came up at my coupon clipping group about the travel size Tide though.  Tide coupons for $1 off usually don’t state any exclusion.  The travel size Tide is only .97 cents and only 1 load, but if you have a lot of Tide coupons, this could add up to several free loads.  I was going to try it, but decided against it.  Maybe next time.

I know the year just started, but if I save at least this much every month this year, I will have increased my savings total by $300 over last year.  Not bad.  Here’s hoping I can do even more!

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