Top 10 Things I Hate About Missouri Winter Weather

10. Mike Roberts changing his  forecast every morning and every night.  Which is it Mike?  10 inches of snow or 12??

9.  Customers somewhere else in the Midwest who call and the first thing they want to talk about is the weather.  You are one state over, people, if you aren’t getting snow now you’ll have some tomorrow.

8.  News stories about how busy the grocery stores are.  I don’t care if they are selling milk like crazy.  I don’t have stock in milk.  Who has stock in milk?

7.  People who say “oh, it’s nothing,” and then they are the first ones to “work from home” the next day.

6.  Having to allow extra time to clean off my car and for it to heat up.  I hate scraping!

5.  Ice!!!

4.   Falling on the ice!!!

3.  New stories about how well Ameren is preparing.  Yeah, that’s what you said in 2006 and look what happened?!

2.  Having to go to work.  God, I miss snow days!!  Kids – remember snow days because once you are out of school, you don’t get them anymore.

1.  Missouri Winter Weather.  It starts in November and goes till March.  And it sucks!

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