Good-bye Medium…

Based on real life medium and author Allison DuBois, Medium premiered on NBC in January 2005.  I was a loyal fan and immediately fell in love with the show.  Loved the storylines.  Loved the characters, and the actors and young actresses playing Allison’s family.  Loved Patricia Arquette as Allison.  It lasted five seasons, and unfortunately got lost in the season line up near the end because NBC kept using it as a replacement show in the January-February season.

In September 2010, it seemed Medium might be holding on when it switched to CBS, but the writing only got stranger and stranger. And lost again.  CBS cut the season from 22 shows to 13 right away, which is pretty much a nail in the coffin of any show CBS touches.

Last night was the season finale, and what a nail indeed. Two of the three kids, Ariel and Bridgette,  made brief appearances in the beginning.  The youngest, Marie, appeared as a teenager since the show took place seven years after Joe died in a plane crash.  Allison began to dream that he was still alive, which affected a huge drug case she was prosecuting now that she’d become the assistant DA and Manual Devalos was now mayor.  But then it turned out Joe wasn’t alive.  Allison had taken control of the dreams and had been seeing only what she wanted to see.

Skip ahead 41 years.  Allison dies as an old woman in a quick scene of her sitting in a rocking chair in a living center while listening to a phone conversation or a recording of her granddaughter talking to her. And when she dies, the younger Allison Dubois we knew is standing there looking at her.  And there’s Joe.  And the two kiss while a montage of the cast being introduced and waving good-bye plays.

The End.

It was a lackluster ending to what had been an amazing show for about it’s first four seasons.  I’m sad to see it go since I’d been watching since the beginning, but like I said, the past season had just been horrible so it was to be expected.

As for the real Allison, she is an amazing person that I will continue to admire.  I look forward to reading more from and about her and the gift she has.

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