Poetry for Poets

Baked cookies with Sylvia Plath
Got lost in the woods with Frost
Sat with Conrad Aiken riverside
Blake told me how the rose died

Open your door Emily Dickinson
Let the Wilde nights in
T.S. Eliot has a name for your cat
A whipporwill feather for Shakespeare’s hat

Keats sang of the nightingale, Cummings
Anyone lived in a pretty how town
Arcadian Winters Willa Cather wrote down
James Joyce said a prayer

C. S. Lewis was there
because After Prayers, Lie Cold
Silverstein riddled about the old
man and the little boy

Coventry Patmore gave him a toy
but Death sets a thing significant, Emily
Did Tessimond betray us?
Just ask Robert Browning’s bust.

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