Wow! For once, the weatherman was right…

…4 to 5 inches here of the light fluffy stuff fell over night.

We fell asleep to just white mist in the air and we could still see the dead wheat-colored ground below.

But not this morning.  Mother Nature covering it all in a thick blanket of white.

When I was 14, I remember a snow day.  It fell late January and kept us out of school till MLK Day.  Since we were already out that day, it lasted even longer.

I slept late.  Had snow cream for breakfast.  Momma let the dog come in to get warm for a while.  Sis put a puzzle together and watched soaps. I eventually got bundled up and went out to build about eight snowmen, using all the snow in the front yard.  They were dirty snowmen, matted with leaves and dirt, with sticks for hands and rocks for facial features.

But I got to miss school for practically a week!

At 34, the alarm goes off every weekday at 6am.  Today was not much different.  I took a piss and then let the dogs out to do the same.  I wonder if they giggle at peeing in the snow?  I fed the cats, then fed the dogs.  J jumped in the shower.  I put on some jeans, socks, boots, gloves, and my coat.  I gathered up the car keys and the snow shovel and went out the front door.

I started both cars and turned on their heaters.  Then, I retrieved my brush and scraper from my car and began wiping the snow off the windows.  It fell with ease since it’s so nice and fluffy, and not frozen yet, which is bound to happen tonight.  After dutifully getting all the snow off two cars, I shoveled the porch and the walkway.

By that time, J was walking out the door.  All bundled up and ready to go to work.  We said out good-byes and I moved my car so he could pull out.  I went back inside, got undressed, put the shovel away, and fixed a cup of coffee.  And here I sat, cold and sticky from the light sweat I broke cleaning off the cars.  Blogging.  Facebooking.  Paying bills.  Till its 7:30am when I’ll get in the shower and then get dressed for work.  I’ll make hot tea to take with me, and pack a lunch a book so I don’t have to get back out. Here’s hoping the roads will be clear on the way.

God, I miss snow days.


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