AYSD? Gets 4 & 5 Star Goodreads Reviews

My latest book, Are You Sitting Down?, seems to be racking up lots of attention over at GoodReads.

One reader, Tess Rowles, posted a great review yesterday.  Here’s a bit of what she had to say… I started reading “Are You Sitting Down” around noon this past Saturday. I intended to read a chapter or maybe two at the most. Four hours later I was still reading. From the beginning of the prologue I was engaged in the story. I wanted to know more about the people that the author, Shannon Yarbrough, was introducing me to. What made them so real, I think, is the way he chose to tell the story. Each person is given a voice and I got to see the events that happened from their perspective, and experience the emotions that each of them experienced. Not once was the story repetitive or boring. The author kept the story engaging and always moving forward, even while allowing the characters to tell parts of the story that happened in the past.

On December 30th,  author Dan Marvin posted a review and rated it 5 stars.  Here’s some of what he had to say… This is an ambitious undertaking, telling the story of one family through the eyes of its members. I enjoyed the fact that everyone was represented, even those family members that were there in memory only. Like every family get together, there is no small amount of drama, jealousy, and feelings of inadequancy. There is also no shortage of love and, ultimately, understanding.

And on December 17th, R.J. Keller posted a 4 star review and had this to say…
The story unfolds naturally – and sometimes chillingly – as each member of the White and Black families tell the reader their tale. The prose is often beautiful, but unflinching, as heartbreak, addictions, affairs, and even murders are confessed. Although the story comes to a satisfying conclusion, at the end only the reader knows the whole story of these families…and even then we’re left with lingering questions.

Reader Karlin Mbah also posted a review back on November 12th, rating it 3 stars, and had this to say…
Once you start reading “Are You Sitting Down?” it is hard to stop. The characters are highly engaging, so much so that you turn each page wondering what will happen next. I liked the portrayal of family interactions – the secrets we keep, the shared and personal loses we suffer. The reader can identify with the humanity of each family member, even if you find some of their choices repugnant (ie an affair with a student) – none of these people have mental illness (ie: the teacher is not a pedophile)- they have just faced what befalls many of us in life – the desire to, just once, not think about consequences.

I couldn’t be more thrilled at this positive feedback, and it’s nice to see the themes I intended are resonating through my readers. As you can tell by each of these comments, the issues of family support and love really made a connection with each of these readers.  They connected with the characters and enjoyed the multiple point of views.  I couldn’t be happier!  Thank you readers for your support, and for reading me!

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