Post a Day 2011 Challenge

That’s all I need is one more challenge for 2011! WordPress (where my blog is hosted) has a challenge this year to post every day or post at least once a week.  I’m gonna shoot for the post a day challenge.

Read more about it here!

One suggestion was to start by sharing something that makes you happy.  I gave this a lot of thought, and if you read my blog then you know that writing and reading probably top the list.  Sometimes writing seems more like a chore, especially when I’m not getting any done.

However, as I thought about it more I actually love to cook and share my creations with others.  It’s kind of like writing.  You sweat and slave over something that you hope is good and you can’t wait to have others test it out to see what their reaction is.

Today, I took my Grapefruit Meringue pie to work to share with my coworkers and to get their feedback.  Everyone loves free pie, right? Being polite, most people reacted by telling me, “It’s good.”  But then I asked for their sincere honesty, letting them know that they weren’t going to hurt my feelings and that I would appreciate real feedback.  Most agreed with me and thought it didn’t really taste like grapefruit, or that the pie wasn’t all that exciting.  But everyone loved that meringue!  Most thought the texture would have been better had it been orange or lemon.  I think I agree.  If I ever remade this pie again, I might try using orange juice just from a carton, or even lemon juice although nothing beats my Mom’s lemon icebox pie.  Nothing!

So, it at least makes me happy to hear what others think about something that I cooked or baked.  If food, especially desserts, makes someone happy, I’m glad I could contribute to that.  It’s a win win situation!

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