Free Stuff on Kindle? I’ll Take It!

That’s right!  I said FREE.  And who doesn’t love free stuff!

Last night I found the Kindle Top 100 of freebies, and quickly proceeded to download an array of books I’ve always wanted to read, or thought I should read, but never invested the time or money before.  They’re mine now!

The Phantom of the Opera ~  Yep, I’ve seen it on the stage and in film, but never read the book.  Sadly, I even own a paperback copy.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin ~  I recall my horrible 8th grade history teacher (Chuck Powers) talk about it, but I usually wasn’t paying attention to him.  And it never was required reading.

A Christmas Carol ~  So, shoot me.  Yeah, yeah, we’ve seen the movies.  We know the story.  I was even “almost” in a stage version of it once.  (Got canceled.)  But sadly, I’ve never read the actual story.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ~  I loved the Disney cartoon version.  And can still sit through Burton/Depp’s version again and again each Halloween.  But it’s yet another classic I sadly admit I’ve never actually read.

So, that’s enough to get me started, right?

There are 9 books in my current short stack of actual paperback books to get me going as the New Year approaches.  And it looks like the Kindle stack is piling up too.  At least that stack takes up a lot less space!

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