Simple Nachos

When I was a teen, give me a block of Velveeta and a can of Rotel, and I was all set for a Saturday night.

These days, my nachos and I have grown up a bit.  J and I enjoy this dish at least once a month, and it’s so simple.  Besides browning lean hamburger and added a McCormicks Taco Seasoning mix and a can of S&W Chili Beans to the beef, the rest is toppings we spoon right out of the jars.  Cheese Dip, Bean Dip, Hot Peppers (for me), Black Olives (sometimes), Salsa, and Sour Cream…that’s it.

We’ve also fallen in love with McCormicks Guacamole mix.  Also simple.  2 Avocados and some lime juice, sometimes a bit of onion for taste.  That’s it. We made Mrs. Wage’s Guacamole and McCormicks this weekend, and McCormicks is definitely the best.

The pic speaks for itself!  It was yummy!

Serve with a wine cooler, homemade margarita, or even a glass of sweet Moscato wine and your adult Saturday party just got a bit better!

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