2011 To-Read Stack Begun!

I said I wasn’t going to set a reading goal for next year.  Last year it was 25. Check!  This year it was 30! Check! (I’m currently at 38 books for the year.)

But the Christmas decorating today forced me to clean up the book shelf, which made me start a to-read stack of books, although the bottom one is a blank journal – another resolution I’d like to start after watching Remember Me this weekend!

Most of these books in this small stack have been on the shelf for a while.  I either opted to read something else and forgot about them, or they just kept getting pushed further and further back.  Not anymore!  It’s the small stack to get my year started!  These are also in no particular order I might add.  And I’ll probably read at least one of them this year to round out December, AND I’m going to finish Hellhound on His Trail on my Ipod to end the year at an even 40.

I average about 2 books a month if they are 300 or less pages, and there will be 10 in this stack after I read one this year.  Some of these are pretty thick too.  So, at 2 a month that puts me through next May.  Except…Bleggh! Damn you Brad Gooch and Frank Anthony Polito for making your books 400 plus pages.  What were you thinking!?  Just kidding!!  After all, you made the short stack!  And both books have gotten rave reviews, so yes, I’m gonna read ’em.

Now, I’m off to finish the Modern Library Christmas collection of Truman Capote – it’s only 108 pages, so nya nya boo boo!  ;-P


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