A Year of Pi(e)

After having so much fun baking Wednesday night, I’ve decided to take on a new challenge next year.  I’m calling it A Year of Pie!  I’m going to search out 12 recipes and bake a new pie each month starting in January.  I’ll post the recipes and pics here on my site.  I like pie, but have never been much for baking them in the past.  My Mom still makes the best Lemon Icebox pie ever!  She also used to make Pecan Pie and Chocolate Pie.  But I think the art of pie making has been lost due to time, years past, or the fact that we can just buy one at the store.

Besides pumpkin pie, I also made a cheesecake Wednesday night with cranberry and pecan topping.  It was quite yummy! Yeah, not really a pie although it was made in a premade pie crust. Here’s a pic of it:

So, do you have any suggestions for pies you’d like to see me seek out and bake?  If so, post them here!   Otherwise, check back in January for round 1 of my Year of Pie challenge!

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