Near perfection…

As I hoped, the 2nd proof copy of AYSD arrived in the mail yesterday. And…we’re so close, right down to minuscule things I could have let pass but I know they would have errked me!  There was an apostrophe s on the back that I didn’t like the looks of.  I also thought my first and last name were too far apart on the front so I chose a different font.  And I also toyed with the placement and size of the author blurb on the front cover.  My name and the title on the spine were also not aligned as they should be.  And sadly, that’s about it.  The problems I had with the inside were fixed, so that’s good to go.  So alas, now we’re probably looking at a mid-November release.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about going off the grid again.  That’s right.  I’m contemplating making my blog private.  I’ve already weaned myself from Facebook.  What else is there, right?  But as the holidays approach, I’m ready for a change.  So for now, I’m here, but who knows what the new year will bring.

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