The Week End Review: I see you shiver with antici-

Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) bares all!

It’s hard to believe another week has come and gone.  It seemed slow at first but being only a 4 day work week for me, now that I look back it wasn’t so bad. Sunday night I arrived back in town just in time for our favorite shows…of which Dexter sucked AGAIN!  This show is headed downhill fast.  Who’s with me on this?

On Monday we took our middle dog to the vet for a teeth cleaning.  I planted some of the bulbs that had come in on Monday. The biggest upset on TV that night was Cathy telling Paul she had cancer (Finally!) on The Big C.

I returned to work on Tuesday with 99 emails in my inbox, enough that kept me busy for two days straight catching up. The Rocky Horror Glee Show was nothing spectacular on Tuesday.  The musical numbers were great, but the storyline in between the songs sucked.  Had they just skipped a storyline all together and just did Rocky, it would have been much better. But I must say…Lookin’ good Mr. Schue!  😉

I also finally got the files straightened out and corrected for my new book and was able to order the second proof.  I’m shivering with anticipation that it will arrive in the mail today or tomorrow, and that it WILL BE the final proof!  Fingers crossed!

Wednesday was the annual Chili/Dessert Cook Off at work.  J made his his infamous chocolate cake with black walnuts and cherries for me to enter.  Sadly, we didn’t even place.  ;-(  First place in the desserts actually went to someone who made the Neiman-Marcus urban legend cookies! I think next year I’ll enter my fava bean chili and serve it with a nice chianti!  No, I’m not mad.  I’m not mad. 8-/

Last night was another great episode of Big Bang.  But then I found myself getting really tired and retired to bed by 9pm. I bought Halloween candy yesterday and decided this year I was going to buy stuff we like.  We only had about 10 kids stop by last year, and I anticipate even less this year with Halloween being on a Sunday.  So, my candy bowl is full of Snickers, M&M’s, and Reese’s Apples and Dental Floss.

It got down in the mid-30s last night in temp.  We actually turned the heat on to break the chill in the house!  I may have to break down and finally wear long sleeves to work today – the first time this year!!

There’s a Halloween fun day at work today.  Sadly, I’m not dressing up this year although I wanted to be Lady GaGa.  They didn’t announce the party till Tuesday of this week so there just wasn’t enough time to plan.

Tomorrow, I’m finishing up the bulb planting outside (hopefully).  I’ll probably put up a few Halloween decorations…not too much.  Don’t want to entice too many kids to come looking for candy.  Muhahahahaha!  And J and I will watch our DVD of all the Halloween episodes of Roseanne – an annual tradition for us!  I’m also thinking a bowl of potato cheese soup sounds good this weekend!

And that’s my week-end review.  Happy Halloween folks!



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  1. -pation! I couldn’t resist posting to a blog with Rocky Horror in the tag field. I’m not a Glee fan, but I did make a point to watch this episode and I agree with you that the entire show would have been much improved had they focused on the ‘Picture Show’ the entire time. I am a long time Rocky Horror buff and I miss the weekends when the floor of my room would be covered in rice from where I changed my clothes. Well, dammit Janet, those were good times.

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