Spring 2011 Planting continued…

Dutch Lion King Iris

While I was out of town this past weekend, my last shipment of spring bulbs arrived!  Finally!  I originally ordered this shipment September 9th from Brecks. Right now I’m not so certain I’d ever order from them again since it took over a month to receive the product.  New Holland definitely delivers faster. I guess the quality of my flowers next Spring will determine that, or if in fact I even need anything.  This is my second year planting bulbs in October, and this past year’s variety was very enjoyable…consisting mostly of alliums and some tulips I had received in error.

This weekend’s shipment included 10 Lion King Irises bulbs and 35 Yellow Alliums called Sunny Twinkles.

I’m looking forward to seeing both come up next year.  I planted some of each in the front and back beds.  J said we had too much purple this past Spring with the Japanese irises and purple alliums.  I’m hoping the varieties I’ve planted this year will do well as they should definitely add more yellow and orange.

Sunny Twinkle Allium

We loved the purple alliums so much so I’m going to be very pleased to see how tall these new yellow ones get.  Since I had 35 of them I planted most in clusters of two. These combined with the daffodils I planted a few weeks ago, and the yellow and orange lillies, and the three varieties of yellow and orange irises, along with the white iris should make for a nice Spring 2011 out in the yard.

Also from Brecks, I ordered a 100 bulb variety pack which I’m splitting with a coworker. It consists of the following:



  • 10 King Edward Tulips
  • 8 Giant Daffodils for Naturalizing 
  • 20 Alpine Rosy Bells
  • 12 Beauty Dutch Iris Mixture
  • 20 Blue Grape Hyacinths
  • 10 Early Stardrift
  • 10 Economy Tulip Mixture
  • 10 Giant Crocus Mixture

    She’s taking all of the rosy bells and I’m going to take all of the grape hyacinths, but we are going to split the rest equally. While I don’t care much for tulips, I’m hoping the economy tulip mixture will contain mostly orange, yellow, and red. I also don’t have any crocus currently, so we will see how those do.  I’ll be planting this variety mix next weekend, bringing my fall bulb planting to an end for this season.

    This was our 4th year in the house as of last month and each year keeps getting better and better as far as the outside goes.  Next year we also have our minds set on finally getting the pergola built over the concrete patio in the yard.  With that and more flowers, I’m already looking forward to Spring!

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    1. […] Pardon me, but what was your name? This is another lil flower that I always forget about. It’s name is Stardrift, or something like that. It’s an early Spring bloom and this is the first one we’ve seen again this year. Just another filler that I don’t have many of. It came in a bulb mix that I posted about here. […]

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