The Week End Review

It’s been a while since I posted one of these week wrap-ups.  Not really sure why I’m doing it now either.  This week offered nothing extraordinary, but I felt the need to post something.

It started on Sunday (don’t most weeks).  We made chili which was nice.  Watched Amazing Race.  Our favorite shows, Paranormal State and Psychic Kids, kicked off their seasons that night.  PS was okay.  PK was great, but Chip Coffey always is.  Then, a new episode of Dexter, which was okay.  I have no idea where this show is going and I’m afraid its close to jumping the shark.

Monday was day two of inventory for me at work.  That wasn’t too bad.  I always look forward to doing something different. TV that night was Little People, Big World where Matt Roloff really pissed me off, but when does he not make a fool of himself?  The family, dog, is getting old and suffering from arthritis really bad. The family is struggling with the idea of having to put him down.  Matt said they’d do it themselves, just like in Old Yellar.  No joke!  His wife stood her ground at least, and said no, they’d do it a more humane way.  But geez…what an idiot!  The Big C also came on Monday.  Spoiler! Paul asked Cathy for a divorce after seeing her making out with the painter from school she’s been seeing!  I really love this show!!

Glee and Raising Hope were reruns on Tuesday, so we skipped those.  Looking forward to the new shows next week, particularly the Rocky Horror Glee episode!  J loves the Little Couple which plays on Tuesday.  Discover loves their “little people,” don’t they?  They should find some little people with eight kids, who are cooks, part-time loggers and home renovators, and dump them off in the woods to see if they could survive.  There’s a show!  I’d watch!!

Wednesday was Survivor.  I don’t really pay attention to this show much anymore.  Followed by Storm Chasers.  Did you watch?  Reed is such a turd, isn’t he?  God, he gets on my nerves.  His group were in Yazoo City helping people hit by the tornado there earlier this year.  Very dramatic, and would have been better had Reed shut up a bit.

Last night we watched my fav, Big Bang.  J watched Outsourced.  Then, we closed the night with Nikita.  That’s pretty much our TV recap for the week!  LOL

In other news, I’m still reading Fearful Symmetry.  I’m about half way through.  Hope to finish it by the end of the month.

Did some major couponing yesterday with two trips to the grocery store and one trip to Walgreens.  Spent about $90 dollars total and saved $70!  I love that!

And as for the latest news on my book?  Still at a stand still basically while the printer lets me know what’s wrong with the cover this time.  There are issues there and I’m just waiting to find out what they are.  For now, you can read it on Kindle or Nook if you wish for just $2.99.  The big launch will of course be when the paperback is available.  Fingers crossed…should be just a few more weeks.

I’m on vacation today and Monday.  Jumping in the shower shortly and going to Dyersburg for three days to see the family.  My sister, brother, and niece all have October birthdays.  Also taking some extra daffodil bulbs to Mom and helping her dig up her banana trees for the season.  Should be a nice visit.  I’ll be back on Sunday.

And that’s my week end review!

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