Romancing the Moleskine

Last week, I purchased a package of three Moleskine Ruled Cahier Kraft Journals. I have the brown one in the photo. I’ve always romanticized the idea of keeping a personal diary or journal.  When I worked at the bookstore, I was a sucker for the array of blank books we stocked and often invested in one with good intentions to record something in it everyday.  I usually abandoned my effort after a few weeks and the books became scrap paper or I gave them away.

Well, I’m going to try to do better this time.

Let’s face it, there are things that I can’t say on here, for fear of who’s reading mostly. Sure, I could always type write on here and keep the post private, but that just doesn’t seem very personal.  There are already dozens of Word files like that on my computer desktop where I started stories or took notes on something – destined to clutter a USB drive and never be found again.  So, I thought handwriting some more personal things from time to time may help to empty the brain a little.

I like this particular style.  The traditional moleskine feels more like leather, but is known for its odd smaller shapes and the reviews say they aren’t always easy to write in for what I intend to use them for.  This Kraft style is about the size of the old black and white Mead journals which I loved in junior high. It seems like it took forever to fill up their 100 pages with poems and stories back then.  My krafts each have about 80 pages, stitch bound in a plain cardboard like cover.  They are lined, and the paper is thick enough for me to be able to write on both sides with my favorite roller ball fine tip blank ink pens without them showing through on the either side.  I like the handmade feel and look to them and 80 pages is enough for me.  If I keep this up, I may fill a dozen of them, or like in the past, I may end up using it for a grocery list.

For a bit of fun, Google the words “moleskine notebook” and click on images.  You might be impressed. I know I was. People have even devoted websites to these things, shipping them around the world and asking people to write in them and then pass them on. While My Moleskine Diaries will be more personal, I still like this affair and am looking forward to it.

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