Waitin’ by the mailbox…

Not getting mail on Monday has really screwed with me.  The Netflix movie I returned was delivered a day late.  Netflix hasn’t emailed me yet to tell me what my next movie will be.  Will it be Date Night?  Will it be Iron Man 2?  Will it be Diary of a Wimpy Kid?  Damn you, Columbus, for getting a day named after you.  Seems odd that you were a slave trader and Monday was a government holiday! Damn you!

I’m also patiently waiting for my review copy of my new book, Are You Sitting Down? I’m ready to get this party started, although I know I will probably find some obscure word that I misspelled on page 167 like “was” or something. It’ll fester in my brain like a cold sore on a hot hooker and I’ll have to fix it and then go through this whole freaking waiting game again!  Do you see what I have to put up with?  Do you?!

This week I also ordered a set of Moleskine Journals. A friend of mine has written in a diary every day since he was a young teen, and he still has all of his diaries.  I always liked the idea of keeping a diary or journal.  I’ve embraced it many times, but always abandoned it thanks to computers, thanks to blogs, thanks to the ability to type, thanks to Ms. Kindle who taught Typing 101 back in 1993. But I’m about to go old school and attempt to try to keep a hand written journal. I want to empty my brain of the things that I can’t really post here for the world to see.  Sure, I could mark those posts as private, but I’ll never go back and read them on here.  Do you know how many Word files are on my desktop right now because of that?  I probably have enough to publish another book! So, practicing my penmanship it is then.

But for now, I’m having to play the waiting game.  I know all there is to know about the waiting game.  I’ve had my share of the waiting game.  First there are holidays….then there are sighs.  Cause there was no mail on Monday.  I just want to cry!  Boy George, if you are reading this, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry, man….m’am….dude.

Now back to my regular scheduled cup of coffee…

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